Data & Analytics

Data is an abundant and powerful asset that can impact everything from service delivery to program management, to policy making. We will lead the way to a data-centric city by investing in improved data access, management, and use by city employees and the community. We will use analytics tools to deliver services more efficiently, prioritize risk more strategically, enforce laws more effectively, and increase transparency.

Data use and analytics

Improve data literacy through programs that will help employees explore, refine, and enhance skills in data use, data management, and analytical skills in service of their role. Use data to identify patterns and trends that enable better policy decisions, and prioritize work for greater impact.

Data governance and management

Ensure data is treated as a strategic asset through data quality control, lifecycle management, internal data access and infrastructure, external access and risk management, and opportunities for use and reuse.


Protect data, react appropriately to breaches, and secure user privacy as well as guard the privacy of residents and businesses in our community.

Performance Metrics

Improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services by building data-driven feedback loops and aligning toward measurable impact and outcomes.

Data sharing

Share meaningful data and support the use of open data within and outside of the city while improving transparency and trust in government.

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