Construction Standards

Pavement and trench restoration standards for projects in the Right-of-Way (ROW) are detailed in the City of San Rafael Pavement Restoration Matrix. The City of San Rafael follows the Marin County Uniform Construction Standards of all cities/towns and County of Marin drawings referenced in this manual must be followed unless other wise noted by the agency.

Additional Information:

  • 2 lbs of Davis Black per cubic yard is required
  • Curbs shall be poured separately from sidewalks
  • Rebar is not used in the Right-of-Way unless approved by the Department of Public Works
  • Forms are required for the lip of the gutter. ¬†Asphalt shall be removed for installation of the form.
  • For repaving the asphalt a conform is required, with a clean cut 2′ from the lip of the gutter to ensure a quality patch.
  • To determine PCI of City streets please reference the Street Saver/PCI Map Application!
  • See Municipal Code Section¬†
  • Active Encroachment Permits
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