What is the Citizens’ Group on Pension Reform and what did they find?

The City Council’s Pension and OPEB Subcommittee, made up of Mayor Gary Phillips and Councilmember Andrew McCullough, requested an ad-hoc citizens’ group to study pension and OPEB reform and report back to the Subcommittee.  The Subcommittee asked Dirck Brinckerhoff to chair the citizens’ group and select its members.  After studying the issues for several months, the group submitted a report on Pension/OPEB Benefits to the Subcommittee in March 2014.  The report includes the membership of the group and how they went about their work, background information on types of pension plans and how they function, background on legal and legislative issues, some of our recent pension changes, how benefits are funded, the group’s findings, and additional thoughts.

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