Available Grant Funding 

The City will offer up to $500 per applicant to cover the expenses relating to vegetation management/fuel reduction. The City will also offer up to $500 for home hardening without requiring matching funds.  

To receive more than $500, a resident must match the expense. A resident is limited to $1,000 in assistance for vegetation management/fuel reduction and $1,000 in home hardening/structural adaptations in a single calendar year.  To receive the $1,000 maximum for vegetation management/fuel reduction or home hardening, residents will need to provide documentation of $2,000 or more in eligible expenses. 

Eligibility for assistance in subsequent years will be determined by the funding available. This assistance program is not intended to support routine or ongoing maintenance. At this time funds can only support risk reduction and not replanting or similar activities. Please see qualifying expenses for examples.  

Residents may benefit from different MWPA Grant project allocations, provided the work cost exceeds the total amount of the grants received. Depending on the grant eligible work being performed, it may be beneficial to review the resources with the MWPA. 

The City strongly recommends getting multiple bids for work. The City reserves the right to give additional assistance for special cases at their discretion. To receive assistance greater than $1,000 dollars a resident will be asked to supply additional documentation, including proof of at least three bids or limited financial resources. Please reach out to srfd.grants@cityofsanrafael.org before performing work to see if you are eligible for increased assistance.  The City retains the right to approve or deny requests at their discretion. 

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