Affordable Housing- Housing Element Update

Myths and Facts About Affordable Housing. This publication from the State Department of Housing and Community Development dispels common myths about affordable housing, while also providing important facts.

Why We All Benefit from Affordable Housing with Supportive Services. This publication from SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research) speaks to the many benefits of affordable housing in our communities.

Affordable Housing Primer. This is a short primer with some basics about affordable housing from the Lewis Center at UCLA.

How Affordable Housing Can Improve a Neighborhood. This is a case study about the Richardson Apartments in San Francisco, describing the benefits and positive effects of having affordable housing in the neighborhood.

The Costs of Affordable Housing. This Terner Center (Berkeley) publication looks at the cost of Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects, with a focus on construction costs and the benefits of federal tax credits.

Supply Skepticism. This report from the Furman Center (New York) addresses housing supply and affordability issues.

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