6. Sidewalk construction (December 2019 – spring 2020)

Van Midde and Son Concrete will be the contractor for all properties in the 2019 Sidewalk Repair Program. Sidewalks will be repaired by neighborhood and a list of the neighborhood priority will be provided

All property owners will be notified by the City no later than two weeks prior to construction beginning. The City will post weekly updates on www.cityofsanrafael.org/sidewalks with the list of streets scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Construction at the average property is anticipated to take up to 5 days, starting with demolition of the existing sidewalk, followed by placement of the forms for new concrete, and completed with the pouring the new sidewalk. During any given 5 day period, the contractor will be doing 5 – 7 properties. 

Property owners with trees that cannot survive the root trimming required for their sidewalk repair will be notified individually that the City will be removing the street tree(s) and grinding the stump. All street trees removed will be replaced following the completion of sidewalk construction. Trees on private property that need to be removed are the responsibility of the property owner.

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