4. Pre-Construction Inspection survey sent to applicant (July 2018)

  • Pre-Construction Inspection survey has two components:
    • City approved work: [FILLED OUT BY CITY] details exactly what the City will cost-share in. This is all the repair work the City has deemed to be required.
    • Additional owner-requested work: [TO BE FILLED OUT BY PROPERTY OWNER] opportunity for property owner to include additional requested work e.g. driveway replacement, driveway apron, additional sidewalk work. This is work that is not required, as required by the City, but the owner may choose to do for aesthetic reasons.
  • Property owner must execute signed agreement between property owner and contractor:
    • Owner completes part B (Additional owner-request work), enters into agreement with contractor for all work
    • Owner sends copy of signed and finalized agreement to City
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