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3. City Pre-Construction Inspection (May-June 2018)

  • City Public Works staff inspected all 360 properties in the program to identify:
    • Locations where sidewalk “shaving” could be utilized as opposed to full replacement (when minor offsets are “shaved” down– eliminating the trip hazard)
    • Locations where full sidewalk, curb and gutter, and/or driveway apron replacement is needed
    • Locations where tree removal is likely needed
    • The City marked the sidewalk and curb and gutter offsets in spray paint
  • All property owners received a detailed City pre-construction inspection form which included photos of the sidewalk offsets and estimated the square footage of sidewalk replacement needed. The form also included a preliminary cost estimate based on the pricing contractors have provided for the program ($18/square ft for sidewalk replacement, $55/square ft for curb and gutter)
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