3. Pre-Construction Inspection (May-June 2018)

  • DPW staff inspects properties selected for program from lottery to approve work qualifying for program (City approved work)
  • The Pre-Inspection Survey will review the following items:
    • Sidewalk replacement: indicates where complete replacement of sidewalk is needed
    • Sidewalk shaving for displacement(s) <1”
      • Location will be designated for concrete shaving
    • A review of any potential tree work if necessary:
      • Root shaving required
        • Noted on pre-inspection form and will be performed by concrete contractor
      • Tree removal required
        • Address will be sent to tree contractor to perform removal of tree
        • *City will not perform work on tree on private property (standard threshold = 50% of the trunk is on private property)
      • A review of any required Sidewalk/Curb-Gutter Replacement
        • Confirm area/length estimate
        • Curb ramp or accessibility issues
        • Utility boxes
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