All City facilities are currently closed for walk-in service. Please call to find out more details about the services you are interested in.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) information and resources

Public Works Service Modifications Due to COVID-19

Public Works Services during COVD-19 Shelter-in-Place

During the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place order, Public Works and other City facilities will remain closed to the public. Essential operations such as maintenance of traffic signals, street signage, and street lights will continue, and you will see our Streets and Parks Maintenance teams out in the field ensuring our public roadways, storm drainage infrastructure, paths, and parks remain safe for residents.

The Public Works main phone line 415-485-3355 will still be answered at this time, and our online “Contact Us” form is monitored daily.

We also know that residents and contractors still need access to Public Works permitting services for essential construction and emergency work continues. While the 9am-noon Tuesday, Thursday in-person counter hours are suspended, we are still issuing encroachment permits, reviewing building and planning permits, and transportation permits remotely for essential construction work.

County Health Department Guidance on Construction must follow Appendix B protocols

  • B-1 Small Construction Project Safety Protocol
  • B-2 Large Construction Project Safety Protocol

So long as social distancing practices are used during construction, a variety of projects are allowed. All residential construction projects that are partly completed can continue to completion in order to ensure health and safety. The Order prohibits new construction projects unless they are adding to the supply of our county’s housing stock (i.e. building a second unit, building a new home, etc.) or maintaining the habitability of homes in order to avoid displacement of residents. Business construction projects related to maintaining or upgrading essential business, government or health care infrastructure are also allowed to go forward.

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