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Public Works Encroachment Permit Inspections

Posted on March 6, 2020

Active Encroachment Permits Locator Map

Development activity has skyrocketed in recent years in San Rafael and, as a result, we’ve had a backlog of encroachment permits still awaiting inspection. We recently re-organized to lend support to our amazing permits team and we are beginning to chip away at the backlog. We are using a systematic approach by taking small sections of San Rafael and inspecting any permits in the area with an active status. By completing around 40-60 inspections a week, Public Works has been able to clear out most of our uninspected encroachment permits. The benefit of being up to date is that we can now be more proactive with our inspections. Instead of just trying to catch up on our inspections, we can now be out in the field catching mistakes before they happen. We
look forward to ensuring that all of us are working towards a better San Rafael!Number of Encroachment Permits

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