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Proposed Alarm Ordinance

Posted on November 4, 2019

The San Rafael Police Department spends a considerable amount of staff time and resources responding to false alarms at residences and businesses throughout the City of San Rafael. To date this year, the Police Department has received 2,216 alarm calls; of those, 2,198 were false alarms. Currently, there is no comprehensive database of active alarm systems which complicates billing and impacts Police Department resources. At the August 19th City Council meeting, the Police Department presented the first reading of a proposed ordinance to regulate false alarms and provide a new registration structure that will allow the City to better track active alarms and create a billing structure that deters repeated issues. The City Council directed staff to conduct further community outreach and work with local businesses. At Monday’s meeting, the Council will hear a second reading of the Alarm Ordinance and consider adoption.

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