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Project Committees

This work is guided by the Facilities Subcommittee and a Working Group which includes community members and City employees. The Working Group makes recommendations to the Facilities Subcommittee who works directly with the San Rafael City Council. The City Council reviews and considers all aspects of the project, including the prioritized work plan, timing, budget, etc.

City Council Facilities Subcommittee:  Mayor Phillips, Councilmember McCullough

Working Group:

  • Andy Rogerson, Fire Captain
  • Carl Huber, Police Sergeant
  • Charlie Pick, former Planning Commissioner
  • Chris Gray, former Fire Chief
  • Faby Guillen-Urfer, Project Manager
  • Cristine Alilovich, Assistant City Manager
  • Bill Guerin, Director of Public Works
  • Diana Bishop, Police Chief
  • Fred Divine, Resident/San Rafael Chamber of Commerce
  • Jackie Schmidt, Resident/Measure E Oversight Committee
  • Jim Schutz, City Manager
  • Larry Luckham, Fire Commissioner
  • Mark Bustillos, Parks & Recreation Commissioner
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