Timeline and Overview


View the FY 2017-18 Sidewalk Repair Program Timeline as a PDF

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The application deadline was recently extending from Tuesday, April 24th to Friday, April 27th due to public response.

  • Application form is located on cityofsanrafael.org/sidewalks
  • Eligibility
    • Applications must be submitted by Property Owner
    • Each property (APN) is able to submit one application
    • If one owner has multiple properties, each property must apply for the program individually
    • Commercial property owners have a total maximum City contribution limit of $2,000 per property (e.g. $2,000 City contribution cap includes 50-50 cost share (up to $1,000), any tree work, curb and gutter, etc.)
  • Sample Application (see FY 2017-18 Application (Open 3/20) page)

The deadline was recently extending from Tuesday, April 24th to Friday, April 27th due to public response.

Low income lottery: pre-selection from only low-income applicant pool. This ensures that that a percentage of funds are pre-allocated to low income residents, and increases chances for low income residents to be selected

Standard lottery: selection from remaining applicant pool (low income applicants not already selected included)

**Note** The City doubled the funding for this year’s program (FY 2017-18), as a result all applicants (366) were included in the first year of the Sidewalk Repair Program.

  • DPW staff inspects properties selected for program from lottery to approve work qualifying for program (City approved work)
  • The Pre-Inspection Survey will review the following items:
    • Sidewalk replacement: indicates where complete replacement of sidewalk is needed
    • Sidewalk shaving for displacement(s) <1”
      • Location will be designated for concrete shaving
    • A review of any potential tree work if necessary:
      • Root shaving required
        • Noted on pre-inspection form and will be performed by concrete contractor
      • Tree removal required
        • Address will be sent to tree contractor to perform removal of tree
        • *City will not perform work on tree on private property (standard threshold = 50% of the trunk is on private property)
      • A review of any required Sidewalk/Curb-Gutter Replacement
        • Confirm area/length estimate
        • Curb ramp or accessibility issues
        • Utility boxes
  • Pre-Construction Inspection survey has two components:
    • City approved work: [FILLED OUT BY CITY] details exactly what the City will cost-share in. This is all the repair work the City has deemed to be required.
    • Additional owner-requested work: [TO BE FILLED OUT BY PROPERTY OWNER] opportunity for property owner to include additional requested work e.g. driveway replacement, driveway apron, additional sidewalk work. This is work that is not required, as required by the City, but the owner may choose to do for aesthetic reasons.
  • Property owner must execute signed agreement between property owner and contractor:
    • Owner completes part B (Additional owner-request work), enters into agreement with contractor for all work
    • Owner sends copy of signed and finalized agreement to City
  • City will enter each address into the one master permit as individual “sub-permits”. There will be no fee to the contractor or property owner associated with the Encroachment Permit
  • Contractors may schedule sidewalk work per region, as approved by DPW for efficiency of completing the work (e.g. do all Gerstle Park work week of 9/17, West side week of 9/24, etc.). Contractors notify residents time frame window of when their work will be done
  • Contractors submits one bill to each property owner itemizing City’s reimbursement as deduction
    • City approved work
      • City approved work – will have deductions per the % the City cost-shares in (e.g. $1,800 sidewalk replacement will be listed and billed $900 to resident, $3,000 curb and gutter will be listed and billed $0 to resident)
        • Sidewalk work (up to $1,000 City cost-share per address)
        • Tree work (up to amount depends on number of trees per address)
        • Curb and Gutter work adjacent to sidewalk only (up to $4,000 City cost-share per address)
      • Additional resident-requested work (does not need to be itemized further)
        • Contractor bills property owner for full amount. Will have no City cost-share deductions (e.g. $3,000 driveway apron will be listed and billed $3,000 to owner)
  • Contractor submits monthly bills on the 25th of each month to the City for all concrete work for addresses done through the 2017-18 Sidewalk Repair Program. The City will pay contractors for the full amount. The City will then invoice individual property owners for their portion of City approved work (e.g. one property owner invoice will be for $900 sidewalk replacement + $1,500 curb and gutter replacement on a driveway apron. The property owner will receive a City invoice for $1,950; $450 for sidewalk replacement + $1,500 for curb and gutter replacement on a driveway apron.
  • Inspect completed work and verify City approved work
  • Total work complies with encroachment permit requirements
  • Application updated as “completed”, individual sub-applicant encroachment permit finalized
    • Property owner notified
  • Post-construction inspection results provided to contractor
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