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Timeline and Overview

Timeline for Current 2018 Program

  • Online application form is located on Call us at 415-485-3354 for a paper application
  • Eligibility
    • Applications must be submitted by Property Owner
    • Each property (APN) is able to submit one application
    • If one owner has multiple properties, each property must apply for the program individually
    • Commercial property owners have a total maximum City contribution limit of $2,000 per property (e.g. $2,000 City contribution cap includes 50-50 cost share for sidewalk and curb and gutter)

**While initially the City provided a cap of 150 applicants in the program (and conducted a random lottery to identify the 150), City Council approved doubling the program funding and all 366 applicants (366) were included in the 2018 Sidewalk Repair Program.**

  • City Public Works staff inspected all 360 properties in the program to identify:
    • Locations where sidewalk “shaving” could be utilized as opposed to full replacement (when minor offsets are “shaved” down– eliminating the trip hazard)
    • Locations where full sidewalk, curb and gutter, and/or driveway apron replacement is needed
    • Locations where tree removal is likely needed
    • The City marked the sidewalk and curb and gutter offsets in spray paint
  • All property owners received a detailed City pre-construction inspection form which included photos of the sidewalk offsets and estimated the square footage of sidewalk replacement needed. The form also included a preliminary cost estimate based on the pricing contractors have provided for the program ($18/square ft for sidewalk replacement, $55/square ft for curb and gutter)

The City shaving contractor went out to 144 properties identified in the City pre-construction inspections as having minor offsets (<1/5″) and eliminated the trip hazards.

  • 80 of these properties needed sidewalk shaving only
  • 64 of these properties needed a mix of sidewalk shaving and sidewalk replacement

This work was done by Precision concrete and at no cost to property owners.

  • The Next Steps document included with the City’s pre-construction inspection form instructed property owners who wished to continue with the program for sidewalk replacement to contact the Sidewalk Contractor (Van Midde Concrete or Coastside Concrete) to schedule a final inspection. The contractor’s final inspection and proposal at the property will be the final cost of the work. The City’s pre-construction inspection was preliminary only.
  • 200 properties needing some combination of sidewalk, curb and gutter and/or driveway apron replacement went on to contact Van Midde and Son Concrete for a final inspection
  • Property owners were instructed to sign the final 2-page Agreement and send it to the City for final approval
  • It took several months for Van Midde to conduct all 200 inspections, and for all property owners to sign and return those agreements to the City

See 2018 Program Updates page for the latest, detailed updates on sidewalk construction

Construction in the 2018 program will take place in the following neighborhood order:

  1. Sun Valley (starting December 2018)
  2. Gerstle Park and Bret Harte 
  3. Peacock Gap and Point San Pedro peninsula 
  4. Dominican and East San Rafael 
  5. Downtown 
  6. North San Rafael 

Van Midde and Son Concrete will be the contractor for all 185 properties in the 2018 Sidewalk Repair Program.

All property owners will be notified by the City no later than two weeks prior to construction beginning. The City will also post weekly updates on with the list of streets scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Construction at the average property is anticipated to take up to 5 days, starting with demolition of the existing sidewalk, followed by placement of the forms for new concrete, and completed with the pouring the new sidewalk. During any given 5 day period, the contractor will be doing 5 – 7 properties. 

Property owners with trees that cannot survive the root trimming required for their sidewalk repair will be notified individually that the City will be removing the street tree(s) and grinding the stump in December and January. All street trees removed will be replaced following the completion of sidewalk construction.

  • Each property owner in the program will be invoiced by the City for the amount indicated in their signed agreement under “Total Cost to Property Owner”. Contact us at if you need another copy of your signed agreement. 
  • Invoices will be sent to property owners by email within 30 days after the City inspects and signs off on the completed sidewalk construction work. 
  • All property owners will be able to pay their invoice online by credit card. Property owners may also submit payment by check made payable to “City of San Rafael”. Instructions on the two payment methods will be included and sent with the invoice. 

What will the City contribute towards my sidewalk repair?

Sidewalk = Sidewalk not connected to a drivewayTotal sidewalk work: 50-50 cost share with City up to $1,000 City Contribution
Sidewalk apron = Sidewalk connected to a driveway
Driveway apron = Concrete approach in between sidewalk apron and curb100% property owner
Curb and gutter = Concrete drainage directly lining roadwayAdjacent to driveway apron: 100% property owner
Not adjacent to driveway apron: 100% City up to $4,000, then 100% property owner

Sidewalk diagram without driveway apron

Sidewalk diagram with driveway apron

It is important to note:

  • Maximum total City contribution for Commercial properties = $2,000
  • Maximum total City contribution for Residential properties = $5,000

Cost of sidewalk construction under the program

 Van Midde and Son ConcreteCoastside Concrete and Construction Inc.
4” Sidewalk$18/ sq. ft$18/ sq. ft
6” Sidewalk apron$21/ sq. ft$21/ sq. ft
6” Driveway apron$21/ sq. ft$21/ sq. ft
8” Sidewalk apron*$24/ sq. ft$24/ sq. ft
8” Driveway apron*$24/ sq. ft$24/ sq. ft
Curb and gutter$55/ sq. ft$75/ sq. ft

*Most residential and commercial properties have 6" sidewalk and driveway aprons. A small number of properties which serve industrial vehicles and equipment may have 8" aprons.

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