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7/20/18 -Point San Pedro Road Median Assessment District

Posted on July 20, 2018

On Monday, July 16th City Council approved a $4.50 annual increase for the Pt. San Pedro Median Assessment District – the first increase since the inception of the Assessment District in 2013. For the last few years, the revenue generated for the Operations and Maintenance of the district has not covered the actual operations and maintenance costs for the 29 medians. In FY 2017-18, the revenue generated under the $79.48 assessment for operation and maintenance costs was $82,814, while the total operating costs associated with maintaining the medians was more than $110,000. After months of closely working with the citizens oversight committee, the $4.50 rate increase was agreed upon as appropriate and would achieve the committee and City’s goals of long-term financial stability.

With the rate increase, we were also able increase the budget for regular maintenance on the medians, allowing the City to double the days per week the contractor is onsite maintaining the medians. Previously the contractor had been onsite once a week, but now residents in the area will see them out there twice a week March through October.

City Council approved the new contract for Gardeners Guild to complete the maintenance on the Pt. San Pedro Rd medians.  Crews will now be out twice a week to keep up with the workload of the medians.  This past week crews worked on pruning the shrubs, pulling the weeds and keeping the medians clear of garbage.

Big thanks to community members and Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition members Kevin Hagerty and Jim Dickson whose extensive involvement has been instrumental to the continued success of this assessment district and beautification efforts on the Pt. San Pedro peninsula.

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