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Pick up Leaves – Prevent Flooding

Posted on November 4, 2016

The Department of Public Works has begun preparing for what I think we all hope to be a wet winter. This process includes stockpiling sandbags and other supplies to facilitate our response to emergencies, cleaning and inspecting thousands of catch basins, and removing leaves from storm drains. Public Works removes over 100 tons of leaves each year, but still needs your help to keep storm drains clear of leaves and other rubbish. In addition to flooding, when debris washes through the drainage system it can cause environmental damage to our creeks and Bay. Here are some tips:

  • Dispose of yard waste and leaves by composting or using your green cart. There is no extra service charge for using up to two additional carts or paper bags – 32 gallons or smaller. For a nominal monthly fee, you can also rent an additional 64-gallon green cart from Marin Sanitary Service. This allows customers to place even more yard waste at the curb and helps prevent injuries to drivers. For more information, visit
  • Don’t place anything in the street – including raked leaves – it could be washed into the storm drain. Don’t construct or place anything in the way of a natural or City maintained drainage system.
  • Don’t pour chemicals, paints, or fuel in areas where it might flow into the storm drain. Get more information on Household Hazardous Waste.
  • Be observant during heavy rains for potential problems. Report problems to the City of San Rafael at 485-3355.
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