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Parks Department cuts Contracts, stretches staff to save City money

Posted on August 7, 2020

When the City was looking at furloughs and budget cuts for FY 2020-21, the Parks Division revaluated their contracted support and offered to take two major contracted services in-house for this fiscal year: maintenance of the citywide parkettes and the Puerto Suello Bike Path. Together, cutting these two contracts and performing the work with our crews will save the City more than $110,000 this year. Of course, this does mean that the 12-person Parks staff are busier than ever: The Parks Division has been working hard to keep up with the added maintenance on top of their regularly scheduled tasks and requests from the public.

This last week their hard work did not go unnoticed – there was an uptick in calls from Kerner residents and messages from CP Connect all relaying their gratitude to the Parks division for their work, as well as, acknowledging and understanding that staff were stretched during these times. Parks had just completed a major vegetation clearing job along Kerner boulevard, just one of the many tasks the division has completed this week efficiently, effectively and with pride.

Shout out to all of you in the Parks Division!

Rene Aviles-Ramos                Aaron Tubbs

      Camilo Bayot                          Daniel Walzer

Valente Curiel                         James Dunn

         Jorge Hernandez                    Brendan Mitchell

      Alexis Nacaspaca                   James O’Hagan

Matthew Scales                      Jose Tellez




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