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Park irrigation system repairs and upgrades

Posted on March 7, 2022


Parks Division staff have been making repairs to irrigation systems throughout the City in preparation for the watering season. With some watering restrictions lifted, Parks staff will start irrigating areas that they could not during the stricter conditions. Most of the City’s irrigations systems are beyond their usable life and require constant attention to prevent water waste from leaks. Staff are hoping to get systems totally replaced as funding becomes available. This past year, Parks staff also starting using a soil moisture managing product called Hydretain on some City fields which reduces water needs. Staff saw promising results and will be using it on more City grass areas. The product is 93% bio based and┬ásafe to use on commercially grown food producing agriculture as well as residential vegetable and herb gardens, fruits, and citrus trees. It is also safe for children and pets and does not have a wait to enter period after application. In the attached photo you will see Parks Lead Worker Camilo Bayot along with Maintenance Worker Jorge Hernandez repairing an old cast iron pipe at the Falkirk Mansion. In the other photo you will see Parks Lead Worker Matt Scales applying Hydretain to Alberts Field.


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