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October Storm Update

Posted on October 24, 2021

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The current storm has caused damage and flooding across Marin County and San Rafael, damaging trees and power lines, causing localized flooding and street closures, and keeping first responders busy. Flooding is currently focused east of A Street. Road closures are in place around 2nd and 3rd street from A street to the freeway onramp.

All residents are encouraged to stay home and shelter in place. This event poses some unique challenges. In addition to the large amount of rain over a short period of time, the timing of the tides and westerly winds push the bay water back into drainage systems. In addition, trees are more prone to wind damage when they still have leaves.

Since midnight, there have been over 330 calls for fire or police assistance, four times the average call volume. In addition, our Public Works Department is staffed and responding to calls, helping remove trees from roadways, and doing what they can to keep drainages clear.

As the main front enters the area, residents can expect additional flooding, wind gusts, and potential power outages before the main storm system subsides around 9pm. Rain will continue through the night and into the morning. Power outages are currently impacting some traffic signals and pump stations. As a reminder, if a traffic signal is out it should be treated as a four way stop.

Pacific Gas & Electric are responding to multiple reports of damage to power lines and poles. They have not provided any updates regarding restoration of existing power outages. If residents see down power lines they should stay away and call 9-1-1.

If you see flood water or a barricade in the roadway- turn around. Residents should not drive through flood water. First responders have had to rescue multiple people from vehicles stuck in flood water. The National Weather Service reports it takes only 6 inches of water for many vehicles to lose control or stall, and only 1 foot of water to float most vehicles.

Residents can visit the Marin County Emergency Portal for ongoing updates.

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