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Posted on March 10, 2022

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The position is fixed-term for up to three years.  Continued appointment in this position is contingent upon funding and job performance.  This is an “at will” position.

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How can we build a 21st century government?  With agile process improvement, modern digital tools, and a culture of innovation.

The City of San Rafael Department of Digital Service and Open Government is seeking a full-time/fixed-term Senior Technical Project Manager.  This is a fixed-term position for up to three years.  Continued appointment in this position is contingent upon funding and job performance.  This is an “at will” position.

The City of San Rafael is focused on enhancing our community members’ quality of life through well-designed services and a positive workplace culture.  San Rafael is the economic and cultural heart of Marin County, and its high quality of life is centered on its commercial districts, engaged neighborhoods, active lifestyle, and natural environment.  San Rafael (population 59,000) is a full-service city with a city council/city manager form of government with 12 departments, more than 400 employees, and an annual budget of $100 million.  The City’s vision is to be a vibrant economic and cultural center reflective of its diversity.  The City Council is engaged and seeks to strengthen the urban and commercial areas as well as sustain the beautiful natural environment.

San Rafael’s Organizational culture framework is an initiative called “Together San Rafael.”  City employees are our greatest asset, and we seek talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who are creative, curious, and excited about a challenge.  We are a results-driven team focused on the needs of community members.  The Together San Rafael initiative is focused on modernizing City services and increasing the engagement of employees.  This initiative recognizes the interconnectedness of the customer and employee experience.


At the San Rafael Department of Digital Service and Open Government (Digital), we believe that the most impactful and disruptive technologies that have transformed our world in the 21st century can be leveraged to improve outcomes for our residents, modernize City services, and solve previously interactable challenges in our community.  We take a people-centered approach to helping our colleagues and constituents leverage digital practices to solve the City’s greatest challenges.

To achieve this mission, Digital focuses on four portfolios of work:

  • We support a vibrant culture of civic engagement by making City services easy to use and work for everyone in the Digital age.
  • We’re building a Digital Workforce at the City y empowering staff with the skills and digital tools in their daily work to improve processes and make better, faster decisions.
  • We’re turning San Rafael into a Smart City by evolving our digital infrastructure to create digital equity in our community and leverage new data sources to proactively manage our City.
  • We’re continuously improving the operations and maintenance of our digital infrastructure by investing in cyber security, IT support network improvements, and modern hardware and software.


We’re looking for a Senior Technical project Manager who is eager to get hands on with specific projects, while proactively looking out for the best interest of the City’s broader technology ecosystem.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to be the technical lead on implementations of critical City systems such as ERP, Permitting, and CRM.  You will guide the integration strategy and configuration between cloud and legacy systems, work closely with SaaS vendors, and implementation middleware and security protocols as needed.

You will be a thought leader at the City on the challenge-based software procurement, supporting the development of technical requirements for new solutions, and looking across our enterprise applications for opportunities to consolidate, integrate, and optimize our technology stack.


The ideal candidate for this position has:

  • Experience implementing modular, integrated software products at an enterprise scale in the public sector.
  • Knowledge of how to access and understand instructions on software installation as provided by internal IT staff or vendors, in order to correctly install and upgrade software.
  • Knowledge of software standard products such as data bases, spread sheets, utility programs, and graphics, sufficient to create and maintain databases, graphs, and spreadsheets.
  • Knowledge of how to program and maintain code in a object-oriented language such as Java, C++, .NET, JavaScript, PHP, or C# in order to produce complete and correct programs using these languages.
  • Knowledge of database concepts and design requirements such as database structure for programming purposes, data relationships, and access techniques, sufficient to create, and access databases.
  • Knowledge of data base management system software (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, software, Oracle, DB2) sufficient to support and maintain data and/or to run queries.
  • Knowledge of the factors to consider in determining users’ requirements including performance availability and scalability to design an application that meets the user’s needs.
  • Knowledge of reusable applications logic to ensure efficiency and optimal performance in the system (i.e., Windows, MacOS, DOS, etc).
  • Knowledge of the phases (i.e. gathering requirements, process flow, pseudo coding, programming and testing) of the entire system development life cycle in order to understand the phases involved in developing and implementing an effective application.
  • Knowledge of the interrelationships between applications and networking components to ensure efficiency and optimal performance in the system.
  • Knowledge of problem tracking and/or debugging software tools and techniques to assess problems and troubleshoot within an application.
  • Knowledge of the concepts of systems analysis and design as related to the development of operating and networking systems to ensure business requirements are met.


  • Partners with departments and technology subject experts to translate business requirements into technological solutions.
  • Presents to stakeholders on how architectural options will meet their needs.
  • Monitors and analyzes industry, technology and market trends to determine their potential impact or application for the City.
  • Evaluates, generates, implements, configures, modifies, and ensures proper working function of systems provided by vendors, including, but not limited to:  Software as a service, database and data warehousing solutions, virtualized and cloud infrastructure, and information systems.
  • Applies project management principles and techniques to assignments, including but not limited to:  determining the scope and extent of projects; determining resources required to complete projects; coordinating resources, including vendors, City staff, City Departments, government agencies; acting as lead throughout project implementation; and providing maintenance and support when needed.
  • Provides evidence-based and data-informed reports to management to present recommendations on various topics such as need for new systems, retiring or replacing systems, optimizing existing systems, and needed security enhancements.
  • Provides consultation, training, and guidance to other technical employees in the use of systems, database, storage, network, and security software and hardware.
  • Supervises or serves as a technical lead to technical staff engaged in systems design, implementation, configuration, and management.
  • Meets and consults with vendors, consultants, and contractors to keep current with new technology, solutions, and implementation.
  • Performs application integration with modern or legacy systems in order to ensure proper operation.
  • Work alongside City’s managed IT service provider to ensure optimal integrations of various hardware and software platforms or components by using various technologies and/or approaches such as service-oriented architecture (e.g. web services), database connectivity, and open service protocols for inter-operability.
  • Provides accurate and creative solutions for various supporting departments and teams.
  • Maintains in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of standards, guidelines, trends and make recommendations for future proofing.


City of San Rafael application is required.  Resumes do not substitute for the City application.  Candidates should detail related education and experience on the application.  The examination process may include the following application appraisal and oral board interview examination.  Note:  Prior to appointment, candidate must pass a pre-employment physical, background check, driving record, and fingerprinting.   To file an application, go to:  Select “Member Agencies”.  Select “San Rafael”.  Follow this link to submit your application:

For more information about the City of San Rafael, please visit

Reasonable Accommodation:  The City of San Rafael will make reasonable accommodations in the exam process to accommodate disabled applicants.  If you have a disability for which you require an accommodation, please contact us at (415) 485-3474 before the test date.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.  Such accommodations must be requested by the applicant.

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