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November 2015 Spotlight: Aldersly

Posted on November 30, 2015


Aldersly’s Story
Aldersly is a retirement home that was established in 1921. Aldersly has been around for 94 years, and they have been successful in part because of their forward thinking. As mentioned on their web page, “Although established many generations ago, a profound sense of compassion still guides us as we continue to modernize, reinvest in, and expand Aldersly. The result is a vital balance between today’s technology and good, old-fashioned caring.”

Aldersly participates in Marin Sanitary Service’s Food 2 Energy program. The program has helped divert over 1,152 gallons of  Aldersly’s organic materials from Marin’s landfill.
Before, all leftovers were put into the trash, and went to the landfill. Now, leftover food is placed in food scrap carts, which are picked up on a weekly basis by Marin Sanitary Service. The food scraps are placed in an anaerobic digester, which converts the leftover food into energy.

The management team at Aldersly is happy with the results. They are now saving around $975 a month. They mentioned that the residents and the employees have really bought in to the Food 2 Energy program, which is the reason why the project is successful.  Words of advice from the management team: “If you are thinking about adopting green practices and your business deals with food don’t think about it, just do it!”

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Secret to Success:
Participating in Marin Sanitary Service’s Food 2 Energy programAldersly Staff in Kitchen

Major Gains:
Savings of $975/ month
Diversion of over 1,152 gallons of organic material from landfill

How They Did It:
The Food 2 Energy idea was suggested by residents who expressed interest in the program prompting the management team at Aldersly to contact Marin Sanitary Service (MSS)
MSS  did an initial site visit to sort out logistics
MSS provided signage and conducted a training for employees and residents
Aldersly conducted a follow up training
Marin Sanitary Service replaced two (2) ninety six gallon (96) landfill carts with two (2) Food 2 Energy carts


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