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Northgate Walk

1005 & 1010 Northgate Dr.

Address: 1005, 1010, 1020 and 1025 Northgate Drive

Project No.:  ED16-038, UP16-018, S16-001,

LLA16-003,  PTA 16-001

Applicant: Peter Stackpole, LCA Architects
590 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Suite 310
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 944-1626

Project Planner: Steve Stafford
(415) 458-5048

Northgate Walk 1
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Project Description

The City received an application proposing to redevelop and subdivide two contiguous parcels, currently developed with an existing commercial building and gas station use (1005 Northgate Dr.; APN: 178-240-17) and an existing multi-room hotel building (4 Point Sheraton at 1010 Northgate Dr.; APN: 178-240-21).

The project proposes to demolish the existing commercial building and gas station and construct a new 4-story, 30-unit, residential condominium building on that portion of the site.

The project also proposes to demolish the existing hotel ‘amenities’ (restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.) building and construct two (2) new 4-story, residential condominium buildings with 48 and 58 units, respectively.

Total units proposed on both sites is 136 units; 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units, and 30 ‘senior’ units.

Current Status

On October 23, 2018, the Planning Commission provided initial review and feedback on specific topic areas associated with the project, as requested by staff, including: 1) land use; 2) density; 3) scale; 4) bulk/mass; 5) subdivision layout; 6) setback easement; and 7) environmental findings. Staff sought only direction from the Commission. No action (approval or denial) was requested or taken at this hearing. Comments provided by the Commission will be used as guide to modify the project, as necessary.

On January 23, 2019, Design Review Board reviewed the proposed site and building design and provided the following recommendations:

  • The architectural of the buildings needs to better relate to the design character elements found in Terra Linda and that of the adjacent hotel. (The applicant is encouraged to pick up elements of the Eichler “vocabulary” and simplify or combined vertical and horizontal articulation.)
  • A pullout/drop-off area should be included in the site design for 1007 Northgate Dr.
  • The shadow study needs to be re-analyzed for accuracy and enhanced to make it easier to evaluate the shading impacts. The shadow study shall include a 9 a.m. analysis in addition to the noon and 3 p.m. analysis.
  • The project amenities need to include an outdoor cooking/BBQ area. The applicant is encouraged to explore locating this amenity in the vicinity of the proposed pool.
  • The project amenities need to include some type of outdoor play structure or area. The applicant is encouraged to explore locating this in the vicinity of the proposed pool.
  • The tree species palette proposed in the Landscape Plan needs to be re-evaluated, particularly the Texas Privet and Deodar Cedar species.
  • In lieu of providing a pool amenity for 1007 Northgate Dr, the senior residents should have access to the proposed swimming pool at 1030 Northgate Dr., like the other residents at 1020 and 1030 Northgate Dr.

On May 21, 2019, the Design Review Board continued their review of site and building design revisions to the project. The Design Review Board ultimately recommended approval of the project design, as revised.

On July 23. 2019 the Planning Commission conditionally approved the project.

On June 23, 2021, the project entitlements were granted an automatic 18-month time extension in compliance with State of California Assembly Bill 1561, or until January 23, 2023.

Staff Reports

All staff reports and agendas for this project can be found on the public meetings page of this website: https://www.cityofsanrafael.org/meetings-search/ 

Project Plans

Revised Project Plans, 3/08/19

Revised Project Plans, 3/30/18 SUPERSEDED BY 3/08/19 PLANS

Revised Project plans (Part 1), July 1, 2016 (large file - may take a while to download) SUPERSEDED BY 3/30/18 PLANS

Revised Project plans (Part 2), July 1, 2016 (large file - may take a while to download) SUPERSEDED BY 3/30/18 PLANS

Original Project Plans (submitted 4/15/16) SUPERSEDED BY 3/30/18 PLANS:

Technical/Supporting Studies

These following documents are available for review at the Planning Division offices

  • Preliminary Title Report for 1005 Northgate Drive, Commonwealth Land Title Company; issued June 12, 2014
  • ALTA Title Report for 1010 Northgate Dr., Stewart Title Guaranty Co., issued October 9, 2012

Public Correspondence

All public comments received from Conceptual Design Review to the July 23, 2019 Planning Commission hearing

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