Please note the time change of San Rafael Regular City Council Meetings to commence at 6:00 p.m. 

No Train Horn Marin

The SMART Train is now running a full schedule, and in response to community concerns about noise, the San Rafael and Novato City Councils have established a Quiet Zone. As SMART runs regular passenger service, it's important to be aware:


  • The train will only sound the horn as it leaves a station or in the event of an emergency. Please talk to your family and neighbors about using extreme caution around the railroad tracks.

  • The horn will not blow at any intersection in Marin. San Rafael and Novato have worked with SMART to install all the required safety improvements at all the rail crossings.


  • Never walk on railroad tracks. SMART operates an active railroad and walking on the tracks is illegal.

  • Use designated railroad crossings only. Wait for the bells and flashing lights to stop and for the gate to rise completely before crossing railroad tracks.

  • Be prepared to stop at railroad crossings. Slow down, look both ways and listen for warning signals.

  • When driving, never stop on the tracks and never race a train.

Stay alert, stay alive

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