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New bike path planned for Second St. from West to Shaver

Posted on November 6, 2020

At the Council meeting on Monday, DPW Staff presented the Third Street Rehabilitation project to the Council.  The rehabilitation design includes a new bike path along Second Street from West Street to Shaver Street.  This new two-way facility will go a long way towards getting bicyclists into the center of San Rafael in a safe and efficient way.  This is a difficult stretch with many constraints.  In order to fit the new bike lane in, all of the lanes and the medians there need to shift north.  The neighborhood above Second Street on Jessup is also very concerned about losing parking in this area.  The design team found a way to accommodate all of the needs but it will require the removal of two trees in the median island.  While the loss of these trees is sad, the design calls for new island trees and additional trees along the entire Third Street corridor.  The project is at 65 percent design and we expect to be in construction in 2021.


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