Neighbor to Neighbor Toolkit

As you prepare to unleash neighbor power, remember...

  • Stay 6-feet apart
  • Wash your hands
  • Wear a face covering

Your neighbors need you.

This simple toolkit is designed to help you unleash the power of neighbors.

But we need YOU to act.

It is through your leadership that you will get others in your neighborhood to rise to the moment. You’re not alone in tackling this challenge. Together we got this.

together we got this.

Three things for you to do:

  1. Identify other leaders* to be responsible for smaller subsections of your neighborhood. *let’s call them street angels
  2. Tailor your outreach by considering who lives nearby, your community segments.
  3. Share this kit with the street angels and let them run with it

we’ll show you how.

Street Angels

You’re amazing but you can't do this alone. So trust us when we say that there are folks around you who are ready to help. They just need you to ask them to join the team.

Neighbor to Neighbor Connections

Your Community Segments

In order to reach your neighbors effectively, consider the different types of folks in your neighborhood as you’ll need different flavors of outreach.

  • Folks who don’t use smartphones or computers.
  • Folks who have a computer but have challenges using it.
  • Folks who might need assistance but are unwilling to ask for help.
  • Folks who simply want to connect with their neighbors.
Community Segments

Now it's time to act

Neighborhood leaders' action plan:

  • Contact (email or call) at least 5 people who will be your street angels.
  • Ask for their help. Explain how just a little effort results in increased neighborhood resilience.
  • Share this toolkit.

Street angels’ action plan:

  • Figure out which homes you will contact. Aim for 5 - 10 houses.
  • Connect with your neighbors by calling, emailing or dropping off a personal note. Please don’t ring the doorbell, tape something to their
    mailbox or door instead.
  • Ask if they need help getting groceries. If they do, share grocery info in Resource section or find a neighbor grocery buddy to shop for them.
  • Commit to checking on your people once a week until the shelter-in-place is lifted.
  • Share the resources page.

so simple to connect.

Sample Scripts

Phone call

Hi! My name is ____ and I’m your neighbor. I live on (identify your street). Our neighborhood is making the effort to reach out to everyone and check on them. Is there anything that we can do for you?

Personal note (leave on the doorstep or tape to mailbox) or email

Hi! My name is ____ and I’m your neighbor. I live on (identify your street). Our neighborhood is making the effort to reach out to everyone and check on them. We care that everyone is safe. When you have a moment, please call (or email) me at (your phone number) so we can connect.

Toolkit Resources

It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there so here are just a few links to the most reliable sources:

Want to talk to an actual person?

Best number of any question: (415) 473-7191

Best number for older adults: (415) 457-INFO (4636)

Mental health support: (888) 818-1115

Grocery Resources

Keeping ourselves nourished is a must so the following resources are for those who live alone and don’t have a low-risk family member or friend to shop for them.

Street Angels can help facilitate the access to getting groceries delivered:

Great general information number for local food access and grocery delivery: (415) 473-7191

Thank you for unleashing neighborhood power!

So simple.

So important.

Together we'll get through this.

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