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Monthly Parking Card Application

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THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY – PLEASE READ IT. This permit licenses the permit holder to park one (1) automobile in an available space, subject to posted restrictions and restrictions contained herein and at the sole risk of the card/permit holder, ONLY at the above listed location. This card/permit is issued to the undersigned ONLY for their sole use. The card/permit is non- transferable. Vehicles are subject to the enforcement of any and all California Vehicle Codes and San Rafael Municipal Codes while parked in facilities. Storage of a vehicle in any facility is prohibited. Vehicles parked overnight are subject to citation, vehicles left over 72 hours without movement shall be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense. Temporary exceptions may be made by obtaining authorization from the Parking Services Office at (415) 458-5333. LOCK YOUR CAR AND TAKE YOUR KEYS. This licensor hereby declares it is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to or loss of such automobile or any article left therein. Only a license is granted hereby and no bailment is created.

I have read, understand, and fully agree to comply with all of the above terms and conditions and agree that the issuance of a card is contingent upon my acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

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