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Marin Green Building Programs

Earlier this year the County launched Electrify Marin, a countywide rebate program to reduce natural gas use in homes. This program is funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and provides incentives to homeowners across Marin County to replace existing natural gas water heaters, furnaces, and stoves with high-efficiency electric alternatives. This program aims to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supporting our local Climate Action Plans adopted by every jurisdiction in Marin;
  • Improve indoor air quality, which is negatively impacted by the combustion of natural gas inside the home; and
  • Save residents money and encourage adoption of more modern technologies.

Resources for Residents

  • The Marin County Electric Home Guide provides an overview of the reasons for and benefits of electrifying appliances in a home. (Printable version)
  • The County has developed a permit guide for applicants, which will help guide interested residents through the necessary steps.
    • NOTE:  City of San Rafael Residence who are interested; would apply for the necessary permits with the  City of San Rafael.




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