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March 2015 Spotlight: West Brooklyn Pizza

Posted on March 30, 2015

West Brooklyn Pizza Company

The West Brooklyn Pizza Story:
West Brooklyn Pizza has been serving San Rafael from their Andersen Avenue location for over 30 years. The restaurant has always recycled, but owner Renato Fusari still felt bad about the food scraps they had to throw away. “It’s just me…I hate waste,” he says. Participating in Marin Sanitary Service’s Food 2 Energy program has allowed Brooklyn Pizza to reduce their garbage service by 50% and save 40% on disposal fees. Marin Sanitary brought in additional containers and trained Brooklyn Pizza’s staff. Now, in addition to recycling bottles and cans like they’ve always done, Brooklyn Pizza is also recycling paper and cardboard, and collecting food scraps. To Renato’s surprise, everyone got used to the new routine quickly and there was no significant difference in cleanup time. His advice for other business owners is to “be more receptive to new ideas…and try to see the bigger plan. Little acts lead to a big contribution.”

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Secret to Success:
Participating in Marin Sanitary Service’s Food 2 Energy Program

Major Gains:
Saved 40% on waste bill
Cut garbage service in half

How they did it:
Food scraps containers placed in convenient locations
The right containers in the right places
MSS trained all staff on composting and recycling


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