Mandatory Waste Management

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling: California Assembly Bill (AB) 1826

As of September 15, 2020, all businesses that generate two or more cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week must enroll in services to collect organic material separately from other waste. Two cubic yards is about the size of a small (6 foot x 3 foot x 3 foot) dumpster. Organic material includes food waste, landscape trimmings, clean wood and lumber, and unlined paper like cardboard and paper towels.

Note: Multi-Family Residential Dwellings are only required to compost green organic materials like yard waste.

How to comply with AB 1826

Click here for more information about the law and how to comply.

Click here for more information about the programs  Marin Sanitary Service offers or call them at 415.456.2601 to begin the enrollment process.


Mandatory Commercial Recycling: California Assembly Bill (AB) 341

As of July 1, 2012, commercial and public entities that generate more than four cubic yards of waste each week must enroll in recycling services. Multifamily residences (apartment complexes) with five or more units must also have recycling services.

Click here for more information about the law.

How to comply with AB 341

Visit Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) to sign up for recycling services and divert resources from the landfill. MSS also provides free outreach materials for employees, customers, and tenants. They can help by providing resources you need to set up a successful recycling program, including Bilingual Signage, Apartment Recycling Tips and Business Recycling Tips.


Construction & Demolition Recycling

Businesses can also help the city reach its Zero Waste goal through the diversion of construction and demolition waste. Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste constitutes approximately 16% of material landfilled in Marin County and a similarly large portion of the waste stream in the City of San Rafael. Additionally, C&D waste reduction has been proven to increase site and worker safety while being cost effective.

It is possible to divert 100% of asphalt and concrete and at least 70% of all remaining debris. Check out the Marin Resource Recovery Center or the Redwood Landfill Recovery Center for more information.

Review the C&D regulations and process for compliance.

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