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Street Resurfacing and Curb Ramps 2015-2016

Posted on September 17, 2016


Active Project

San Rafael



Phone: (415) 485-3355

Hours: Open Weekdays; 8:00am-5:00pm

Project Description: These two projects include installation of hot mix asphalt and/or micro-surfacing treatments at various locations throughout the City. This project also includes installation of American’s With Disability Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps, curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Curb ramps must be installed prior to resurfacing of streets per federal law.


resurfacing-cracked-streetProject Status: Ghilotti Construction Company has been awarded the project.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

September 26 – October 14: Curb ramp installation in the Spinnaker Point neighborhood.

October 17 – October 25: Curb ramp installation and resurfacing along Hetherton Street (nightwork).

October 26 – October 28: Resurfacing in the Spinnaker Point neighborhood.

October 31 – November 4: Resurfacing of Whitewood Drive, Warner Court, Duran Drive, and Patricia Way and micro-surfacing in the San Rafael Meadows neighborhood and Hingham and Plymouth Coves in Spinnaker Point.

Striping and sign installation to follow.street-resurfacing

Streets to be Resurfaced in Summer 2016 (Final):

  • Canada Court (Corrillo Drive to termination)
  • Cortes Court (Duran Drive to termination)
  • Duran Drive (Del Ganado Rd to De La Guerra Rd)
  • Duxbury Cove (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Falmouth Cove (Catalina Blvd to termination)
  • Gloucester Cove (Catalina Blvd to termination)
  • Hetherton Street (Mission Ave to 2nd St) 
  • Hingam Cove (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Hyannis Cove (Catalina Blvd to termination)
  • Las Gallinas Ave (Merrydale Road to Corrillo Drive)
  • Las Huertas Court (Las Gallinas Ave to termination)
  • Nantucket Cove/Circle (Catalina Blvd to termination)
  • Narragansett Cove
    (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Newport Way (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Oleander Drive (Las Gallinas Ave to Los Gamos Rd)
  • Portsmouth Cove (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Plymouth Cove (Catalina Blvd to termination – asphalt portion only)
  • Rockport Cove (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Salem Cove (Spinnaker Point Dr to termination)
  • Spinnaker Point Drive (Canal St to Bedford Cv)
  • Walter Place (Corrillo Drive to termination)
  • Warner Court (Woodland Ave to termination)
  • Whitewood Drive (Las Pavadas Ave to Las Colindas Rd)
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