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Live Commenting Pilot

As a result of Executive Order N-29-20, we can no longer offer an in-person meeting location for the community to attend public meetings. In an effort to provide remote community participation for our City Council meetings, we are piloting real-time online commenting on agenda items through YouTube Live. Our goal is for you to be able to watch and participate in the meeting from your home without needing to attend in-person.

Providing Public Comment Virtually

There are multiple ways you can make sure your opinions are heard and considered by our City Council. Here are a few options:

  • Submit your comments by email before the meeting. This is important because if you experience technical difficulties during the meeting and are unable to provide your comments over the phone or on YouTube, the City Council will have already read your comments. Make sure you send them in as soon as possible to make sure the City Council had the chance to read your email.
  • Submit your comments on YouTubeWe stream our meeting to YouTube and allow comments to be submitted through the live chat, but please note you need to create a Google account to submit comments. To have your comments read aloud, please write "PUBLIC COMMENT" in advance of your comment, and introduce yourself. YouTube has a 200 character-limit, so please break your comments up into groups. Once received, the City Clerk will read your comment into the record. Don't forget to subscribe to our Channel!
  • Submit your comments over the phone. We always list a telephone number and meeting ID at the top of the agenda, and include the contact information at the bottom of the YouTube video. If you call in to provide public comment, dial *9 to let us know you wish to speak. Once it is your turn in the queue, you will hear a notification that the host is inviting you to speak and that you will need to press *6 to unmute yourself. Once you press *6, you may provide your 2-minutes of comments.
  • Watch directly through the Webinar. We add a 'tinyurl' link at the top of the agenda for anyone who wishes to watch directly through the webinar. If watching this way, you can select the 'raise hand' feature when you wish to comment, and you will be notified when the host invites you to participate.
  • Did something go wrong? If so, please call(415-485-3065)/email our City Clerk during the meeting. We will do everything we can to make sure your voice is heard.
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