Library Department, Team of 1st Quarter 2019

Posted on June 6, 2019

Team Library

Library Department, Mall Pop Up, was recognized as the Team of the 1st QTR 2019!

“The Mall Popup Library has increased the reach of the City in providing services to the community as part of an innovative collaboration with the Northgate Mall and with the Marin County Free Library. This project encapsulates the principles of Learning Labs in a real life, cross organizational, cross departmental pilot project to experiment and discover solutions to community challenges using existing infrastructure.

All these people worked together as a team to make this project move from idea into reality in order to respond to the community need for library service in North San Rafael. All of the players in the orchestra are important – from the first violin to the one who hits the triangle. The stagehands, the marketing folk, and the ones who handle the contracts.”


-An inspired colleague of the Library Department

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