Legalize Unpermitted Work During Residential Permit Amnesty Month (March 2019)

Posted on February 4, 2019

Amnesty Month - March 2019

Amnesty Month  |  March 1 – March 31, 2019

Typical projects that require permits include:

  • Basement conversions and room additions
  • Water heaters and water softeners
  • Retaining walls over 48” in height
  • Storage buildings and sheds larger than 120 square feet in area
  • New electrical wiring for outlets and fixtures
  • Gas lines for barbeques and other outdoor appliances; any gas appliance
  • New plumbing lines (i.e. water, waste and vent)
  • Remodels that include any mechanical, electrical, plumbing or new framing, insulation, windows
  • Awnings and patio covers

Protect Your Investment!

Department of Community Development is waiving penalties for homeowners who come forward from March 1, 2019 through March 31, 2019 , to resolve any building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical construction or repair work done to their homes without permits.

Work done without obtaining permits and inspections is an unlawful act per Title 12 of the San Rafael Municipal Code. Failure to obtain permits may result in the recording of a notice against the property or citing the owner with a misdemeanor. Notices recorded against your property and/or California disclosure laws, requiring disclosure of unpermitted work, could impact refinancing or any future sale of your property. Additionally, insurance companies may not cover any claims that originate from illegal work.

Homeowners who take advantage of this temporary amnesty program will pay normal permit and applicable plan review fees to permit and legalize the unpermitted work. Investigative fees will not apply during this amnesty period. Please see the reverse of this handout or details.

Visit the Amnesty Month web page to learn more and read Frequently Asked Questions or call us at (415) 485-3367.

Download our flyer for more information.

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