Latino Civic Leadership Initiative (LCLI)

In October 2015, the City Council confirmed their support of a Latino Civic Leadership Initiative at their Council Retreat. The Initiative's purpose is to develop and support bilingual Latino candidates for San Rafael’s boards, commissions and City Council positions. Following the Council Retreat, Councilmember Colin met with community stakeholders and received input to regarding next steps and planning. Over the next several months, Councilmember Colin presented the Initiative to Voces de Marin Nuturing Civic Engagement & Leadership, League of California Cities – Latino Caucus, and the San Rafael City Council held a study session to discuss Latino outreach in November 2016. 

In March 2017, a Latino Civic Leadership Initiative (LCLI) task force was created: 

  • Kate Colin, San Rafael City Councilmember
  • Lorenzo Cordova, Aid to Supervisor Rodoni
  • Carlos Guerrero, Wells Fargo
  • Maika Gulati, San Rafael School Board
  • Lindsay Lara, City of San Rafael
  • Aldo Mercado, Sonoma County Counsel
  • Joanne Webster, Director SR Chamber of Commerce 
  • Daniel Soto, City of San Rafael

The Latino Civic Leadership Initiative (LCLI) is an advisory group that facilitates full Hispanic/Latino participation in the political process in San Rafael and in surrounding Marin County. To accomplish this, LCLI strives to engage the Hispanic/Latino community and create a pipeline for individuals who identify as Hispanic or Latino to become educated on the process of becoming a public servant by serving on boards, commissions, and other advisory and legislative bodies.  LCLI is part of an inclusive community engagement effort to champion public service by encouraging community members to participate in the process.

LCLI believes that the following approaches are effective in increasing civic participation:

  • Ensuring that all community members have access to their government—such as City Hall—by fostering an inclusive environment that gives a meaningful municipal voice to groups that have been traditionally underrepresented
  • Providing one-on-one mentorship for individuals who are interested in serving on boards, commissions, and similar advisory and legislative bodies
  • Conducting workshops and training sessions on how to apply to serve on boards and commissions, as well as how to run for local office

To learn more about LCLI, contact the City Clerk’s Office.


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