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Jacoby Street

Posted on July 15, 2019

Jacoby Street


The City Council will consider vacating a portion of Jacoby Street, a paper street that parallels Andersen Drive in southern San Rafael. A paper street is designated on a recorded document but is not necessarily constructed as a roadway, and can serve to allow utilities to provide services in a particular area. In this case, Jacoby Street was part of a historic route that followed the grade near the bottom of the hillside to connect towards San Quentin, prior to the construction of State Route 580. The underlying property of Jacoby Street is owned by Marin Sanitary Service. Since the installation of Andersen Drive, which provides a more direct access to the area, this portion of Jacoby Street is no longer needed. If approved by the City Council, the portion of Jacoby street that currently sits on MSS property will no longer be recorded as a roadway. Considering that this portion of Jacoby Street is not used by the general public, we don’t anticipate any adverse impacts from its vacation.


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