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11/11/18 – Implementing Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI)

Posted on November 9, 2018

In response to community interest in LPI, staff used the results of the County-wide Systemic Safety Analysis Report (SSAR) to select initial potential locations. Selected intersections in the downtown area have higher-than-average collision rates – compared to the state-wide average for similar facilities. The addition of LPI’s will allow the pedestrian phase to activate sooner than the associated vehicle phase is given the green light. Benefits of implementing an LPI include:

  • Increased visibility of crossing pedestrians
  • Reduced conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles
  • Increased likelihood of motorists yielding to pedestrians
  • Enhanced safety for pedestrians who may be slower to start crossing into the intersection

Based on information included in the SSAR, the Department of Public Works traffic division will be adding the LPI features at the following locations:

  1. 4th Street/Hetherton Street
  2. 3rd Street/Tamalpais Avenue
  3. 3rd Street/Irwin Street
  4. 3rd Street/Grand Avenue
  5. 2nd Street/D Street
  6. 2nd Street/Lindaro Street
  7. 2nd Street/Francisco Blvd-Tamalpais Avenue
  8. 2nd Street/Irwin Street

Our team has recently added an LPI to 3rd Street/Hetherton. We plan on implementing the change before the Thanksgiving holidays. We will observe the locations and make adjustments, as needed.


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