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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


Population Dynamics and Income

Demographics and Housing Information Statistics
San Rafael Marin County
Population 60,651 259,358
Number of Housing Units 23,906 112,259
Number of Households 22,800 104,400
Mean Household Size (persons per household)
Owners 2.30 2.44
Renters 2.68 2.36
Median Age (years) 40.2 44.5

*Statistics as of September 2019*

Housing Stock

The City's housing stock varies, but detached, single-family residences is the predominant housing type in San Rafael. The following totals include mobile homes and "liveaboard" boats berthed at marinas.

Housing Type Total Number of Units
Single-Family Residential - Detached 11,280
Single-Family Residential - Attached 2,051
Duplex/Multiple-Family Residential (2-4 units) 887
Multiple-Family Residential (5+ units) 9,238
Mobile Homes 418
Boat 48
Total Housing Units: 23,906
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