Green Building Reach Codes Updates for 2023

City staff has been working with the County of Marin and other local stakeholders to develop model Green Building “reach codes”, which are local building energy code amendments that require greater energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions than the State codes. These happen every three years and this code cycle includes reach codes that require new buildings to be all-electric with some exceptions. You can learn more about the process and County adopted Model Reach Codes here.

On Monday, November 7 the City Council held a study session on the reach code proposal. On Monday, November 21 the City Council held a public hearing and adopted the reach codes and on December 5, 2022 held a second reading and final adoption of the codes. You can find the new codes here. The require most new construction to be all-electric by prohibiting the use of natural (methane) gas in new construction. This does not apply to remodels at this time. However, one provision disallows extending or increasing gas lines and meters in existing single-family homes and duplexes.

In early 2023 staff will begin work on an analysis for reach codes for existing buildings that address remodels and appliance replacements. In addition, staff will begin work on identifying or creating a resource hub for contractors and developers that includes technical assistance resources and incentives for going all-electric such as this one for the South Bay or this one for San Diego area.

Click here to learn more information about reach codes in California, and click here to find a listing of reach codes passed in California. Here is a statement from our local electricity provider MCE Clean Energy on how shifting to an all electric future impacts the grid. Learn more about building electrification and support and incentives at Switch is On.

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