Grand Jury reports on pensions and retiree health

Posted on July 14, 2017

Marin Grand Jury

On Monday evening, the City Council will consider responses to two recent reports from the Grand Jury related to pensions and retiree health. The Grand Jury released a report in May that discussed the funding of public agency liabilities for retiree health benefits. This report revisits the issues raised in a report prepared four years ago. In June, the Grand Jury released a report that aimed to provide clarity and transparency on the complex issue of funding defined benefit pensions for public agency employees throughout the County.  The proposed responses were prepared following a joint meeting of the City Council Pension/OPEB Sub-committee and Finance Committee which was open to the public. Other than the two reports, the City’s website includes a “one stop shop” for community members interested in more information on San Rafael’s pensions and retiree health.

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