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Getting Around Marin – Draft Strategic Vision Plan

Posted on September 18, 2017

Getting Around Marin

Please submit comments by September 22

As an update to the 2003 Vision Plan, Moving Forward: A 25-Year Transportation Vision for Marin County, the development of the Strategic Vision Plan builds on the foundation established in the 2003 transportation blueprint for Marin County. The Strategic Vision Plan reflects the advancements in our transportation system since 2003, and the increased knowledge base from plans, studies, and reports of our local conditions and travel choices. Nearly 15 years of investments and changes to our transportation system have occurred since the original plan was completed, and while many of today’s challenges and mobility needs are similar, the specifics have evolved. This update provides an opportunity to revisit Marin’s transportation environment and needs and redefines the Vision Plan from 2003 to match today’s challenges and solutions.

This document begins with a definition of Marin’s transportation challenges and opportunities; followed by an overview of the planning, outreach, and stakeholder engagement processes that have helped shape the vision; and concludes with a transportation vision and supporting strategies that will address key transportation challenges, improve mobility, and enhance our quality of life. This report considers Marin’s transportation framework and identifies funding sources, projects, and programs that support implementation of the Strategic Vision Plan.

The Strategic Vision Plan is designed to be a fluid document that can adapt to changes in the transportation setting. Therefore, this document may be updated, changed, or modified to respond to economic, demographic, technological, and other changes, and does not establish implementation regulations or requirements. This format provides a status report, a broad framework for future decision-making regarding transportation investments and improvements in Marin County that reflects current needs and values, and an understanding of future challenges.

Read the draft plan and please submit comments to marinvision@tam.ca.gov by Friday, September 22, 2017.

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