Gerstle Park Sidewalk Repair Update!

Posted on August 15, 2019

Gerstle Park Sidewalk Repair Progress

The City and Van Midde & Son Concrete have been busy replacing sidewalk in Gerstle Park. In the past month, work has been completed on Ross, Marin, Bayview, and Clorinda Avenue. Nearly 1,700 square feet of new sidewalk has been installed covering about 350 feet of sidewalk. Sections of San Rafael Avenue and D Street have been scheduled for replacement and the goal is to complete all work in Gerstle park by the end of September.

Sidewalk Repair

Even with a slow start with the wet weather, the City has been able to complete nearly 14,000 square feet of new sidewalk this year. That’s the equivalent of replacing 7 tennis courts and nearly 2/3 of a mile of new sidewalk!

Once work is completed in Gerstle Park, the contractor and the City will move to East San Rafael and the Peacock Gap neighborhood. Please note that all applicants that applied and submitted signed agreements for the 2018 program last year are still in the queue to get work done through the program.  We will also begin inspections of all the properties that applied for the 2019 program in the next few months.

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