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Fun Egg Carton Creatures

Posted on April 11, 2020

Wondering what to do with leftover egg cartons once you’ve dyed your Easter eggs? Create some fun creatures with just a few supplies and items you have around the house.

Gather these supplies

  • paper egg carton
  • scissors
  • glue/tape
  • paint & paintbrush
  • colored paper scraps
  • newspaper
  • any fun decorative items such as googly eyes, feathers, puff balls, sequins etc

Let’s make some creatures

Cover your work area with newspaper and carefully cut your egg carton apart as desired.

Which creatures are you going to paint?  Bunny, ladybug, chick, a monster….

Paint your egg carton parts to match your design and then let the parts dry.

Then glue the parts together and add the details!

Egg Carton Creatures

Egg Carton Creatures details









Check out these websites for more egg carton craft inspiration!

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