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Fuel Reduction and Eucalyptus Removal Underway!

Posted on March 29, 2024

On Monday, March 21st the San Rafael Fire Department began work on the San Rafael – San Anselmo Fuel Reduction Zone (SRSAFRZ) project. This project aims to reduce the risk of wildfire in the densely vegetated area in the Mount Tamalpais Cemetery area and surrounding open space. The project will remove plants that can easily catch and spread fire, such as Broom and smaller Eucalyptus. This will help protect homes and lives from wildfires. The project will also help restore the forest so that native plants and animals can thrive and support a natural woodland area that is less prone to fires.

The project will remove smaller Eucalyptus trees (as pictured above), invasive species like French and Scotch Broom, dead vegetation, and trim or remove some shrubs. Weather and the presence of nesting birds may impact work locations and timing.

This project has been a multi-year collaborative planning effort between the San Rafael Fire Department, Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, Marin County Parks, Town of San Anselmo, Cedars of Marin, and Tamalpais Cemetery.

To learn more about this important work, please visit Marinwildfire.org or view the project’s FAQ sheet. Before and After photos will updated regularly

Weekly Updates:

March 22nd

After a nesting bird survey on 3/20/24 showed no active nests in the initial treatment area, an environmental awareness training occurred on the morning of 3/21/24 and crews began work at around 10:45-11am on 3/21/24.

After two days, approximately a half acre has been treated. Smaller diameter eucalyptus were removed in this area along with a few small diameter bays and a couple of 10-15″ hazard eucalyptus snags that were leaning over a roadway (no nesting birds within). No unexpected nests were found during this work. No herbicide has been used yet on cut stumps; rather, stumps will be cut again at a future date and herbicide will be painted on the freshly cut surfaces.

With precipitation taking place over the weekend and forecasted for the latter half of next week, San Rafael Fire staff will visit the project area on Monday to check for any possible erosion and assess how much work is feasible in the near term. Very little soil has been exposed in the project area and work is not yet occurring on steep slopes so erosion is not currently a concern.

March 29th

A total of 1.7 acres have been treated thus far

No active nests have been found in the treatment area;

Cut material has been chipped and broadcast onsite;

No erosion has occurred or is anticipated to occur in treated areas;

Precipitation and soil conditions continue to be monitored to inform work areas and timing.

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