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March 2022 Update – Extended Lane Limit: Notice Of Lane Closure And Bike Lane Relocation During Construction Of Fire Station 55 Renovation

Posted on March 10, 2022

Changed westbound Lane closure and bike lane relocation during construction of Fire Station 55

EXTENDED LANE LIMIT – Point San Pedro Road between Riviera Drive and Knight Drive

  • The originally planned westbound lane closure from Peacock Drive to Knight Drive has been updated due to safety and accessibility concerns. The westbound lane closure will start from Riviera Drive and continue to Knight Drive for the duration of this project.  The Fire Station construction is anticipated to be complete in spring of 2023.
  • The changes will be made using lane striping and reflective vertically mounted delineators. The road will be returned to the two-lane configuration as soon as the fire station is completed.  If the City determines that the delineators can be safely removed prior to completion, we will do so.
  • The closure is intended to accommodate construction parking and deliveries while allowing the Fire Department free access to the driveway and maintaining a buffer between vehicles and bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • The reason for the extended limit of lane closure is to maintain a consistent number of vehicle travel lanes from Riviera Drive to Knight Drive. The original plan had the existing single lane from China Camp, opening to two lanes at Riviera Drive, reducing again to one lane at Peacock Drive, and opening to two lanes again at Knight Drive. Multiple merge locations create more conflict points.
  • The updated plan eliminates these multiple transitions and provides consistency to drivers and bicyclists.
  • Another benefit to the single westbound lane is the shortened crossing distance and increased sight lines at the uncontrolled crossings in the area on Point San Pedro Road.

Your safety is our top priority! Please observe all project safety caution signs, barricades, and personnel.

For more information on project details, please visit the project website.

Project contact:

Faby Guillen | Senior Project Manager

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