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Fire Station 57 Update July 2017

Posted on August 9, 2017

Rendering of Fire Station 57

Executive Summary

In November 2013, Measure E was passed by the voters of San Rafael extending for
20 years an existing 0.5% sales tax and adding 0.25% in an effort to set aside funds to
begin to address the aging public safety facilities in San Rafael. In July 2015 the City
Council approved a strategic plan for essential public safety facilities which updated
the 2003 facility condition assessments, developed space needs of essential facilities,
feasibility studies of improving existing and new public safety facilities, developed
project budgets and funding plan, prioritized projects, and developed a phasing and
implementation schedule. The plan recommended seven projects including a new
public safety center housing both the police and fire departments as well as the
rebuilding of Fire Station 51, 52 and 57. In addition, the plan recommended upgrades
to the other fire stations for seismic safety and operational improvements. In late
2015, architect and construction management team began the design process for the
Phase 1 projects, which included Fire Station 51, 52, 57 and the Public Safety Center.
This report provides a current update on the progress of Fire Station 57 located
on Civic Center Drive.

Project Description/Scope

The new 9,855 square foot, two-story fire station, will remain located at 3530 Civic
Center Drive in San Rafael, California, and will house five on-duty fire
fighters/paramedics. The new station is designed to accommodate six on-duty
personnel should additional staffing be required to better serve the community. The
core elements of the new station include three drive-through apparatus bays,
apparatus support spaces, public lobby, accessible restroom, office, kitchen, dining,
dayroom, laundry room, private sleeping quarters, unisex restrooms, mechanical,
electrical, communications rooms and staff parking. Other notable site/adjacent
improvements include access aprons and sidewalk replacement along Civic Center
Drive, median(s) in front of the station on Civic Center Drive will be modified to align
with the new apparatus bay location, a “keep clear” zone will be striped in front of the
apparatus bay apron on Civic Center Drive. Prior to the commencement of
demolition activity, and in order to maintain uninterrupted service to the community,
personnel and equipment from Fire Station 57 were relocated to Fire Station 53 at 30
Joseph Court, San Rafael, California. Modest modifications to Fire Station 53 were
implemented as part of the relocation effort.

Project Progress

During the month of July, Alten Construction (general contractor) continued to
mobilize on site and set up construction trailers for their staff as well as the City’s
Construction Management firm (Kitchell). While performing these duties, the
contractor’s crews and subcontractors began site clearing of the site was undertaken
for the over excavation of approximately 2’ feet throughout. Upon completion of the
grading activities, crews began laying out the retaining walls on the northern and
eastern side of the site. Contractor also began laying out the on-site and off-site
utilities. The review and processing of submittals and Request for Information (RFI’s)
continued at high volume/pace.

Project Activities this Month

  • Completion of the mobilization phase
  • Site surveying
  • Grading activities and over excavation for the entire site
  • Potholing for utilities
  • Excavation for the northern and eastern CMU retaining wall

Anticipated August Activities

  • Storm drain relocation from site to Civic Center Drive
  • Commence footing and CMU placement for northern and eastern retaining wall
  • Commence rough grading and pad placement
  • Continue site storm drain work


Owner: City of San Rafael
Project/Construction Manager: Kitchell, Sacramento, CA
Architect: Mary McGrath Architects, Oakland, CA
Contractor – Alten Construction, Inc.
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