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Fire Station 54 Water Heater Repairs

Posted on June 8, 2018

We received a phone call stating that the water heater was leaking. DPW went on site and found that the 26-year-old water heater had ruptured internally.

During the removal process of the old unit, we found that it also needed some sheetrock repairs. We repaired the wall and leveled the new water heater adding the seismic straps, as well as, removed the single wall flue and replaced it with a double wall to bring it up to code.

After a thorough check of the area, we also discovered some damage was done to the room adjacent to the mechanical room due to the water leakage. Facilities brought a dehumidifier to remove the water from the carpet. We are scheduling with fire station crew to remove and install new carpet in the living area that was affected by the water heater leak.


Ruptured Water Heater Damaged Sheetrock Newly Installed Water Heater
Ruptured water heater Damaged sheetrock Newly installed water heater


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