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FAQ Tag: Parkmobile

What doesn’t Parkmobile do?

Parkmobile does not enforce parking lots. Parkmobile does not accept or process citation appeals. Parkmobile does not issue refunds.

Can I move from zone to zone?

No. Your parking transaction is for a specific Parkmobile zone. If you move to another zone, you will have to pay again.

How does parking with Parkmobile work?

Download the app , visit the Parkmobile website, or call the toll-free number on the green Parkmobile sign to register for a Parkmobile account; you will need your license plate number and a method of payment (credit card or PayPal). When you park in a space, use the Parkmobile smartphone app to access your account, … Continued

Why pay-by-cell?

Parkmobile provides a mobile payment service, including help support. Pay for parking via a smart phone app, toll free number, or the web. No coins/cash/credit card on-hand needed. Saves the trip to your car to feed your meter. Parkmobile can send reminders by text message so you can extend your parking time without returning to … Continued

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