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A New Approach to Zoning: The “Form Based Code” 

The key regulatory component of the Draft Plan is the “form-based code” (Chapter 9). The code serves as the zoning regulations for Downtown and will replace many existing regulations and provisions. Unlike conventional zoning that describe regulations and requirements in text, a form-based code explains and describes regulations using graphics. It combines zoning regulations with desired design approaches that are typically found in advisory design guidelines.  The … Continued

What’s in the plan?

The Draft Downtown Precise Plan (Draft Plan) is comprehensive and lengthy. Much of the Draft Plan includes critical (and mandatory) background information that supports the vision and recommendations of the Draft Plan, including existing conditions, demographics, and housing policies.  Keep in mind that unlike the greater, overarching Draft General Plan 2040 which is solely a … Continued

What is the Downtown Precise Plan?

For decades, Downtown San Rafael has been the focus of planning studies and actions including Our Vision of Downtown San Rafael (1993); Downtown (SMART) Station Area Plan (2012); “Good Design Guidelines” (2017); and Downtown Parking & Wayfinding Study (2018).  All of these efforts share the common goal of maintaining Downtown as the City’s center.    During the early … Continued

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