Falkirk Mansion: New Roof!

Posted on April 19, 2019

The Falkirk Mansion is scheduled to get a new roof within the first few weeks of May. The badly needed roofing will replace the aged wood-shake shingles with a new fiberglass wood-shake-look shingle. Needing to keep within the fire code requirements, the fiberglass shingles were a good solution, and were carefully chosen based on theirĀ  matching the existing historical look of the roofing. Marin County Roofing Company was chosen and the low bidder for the roof installation. They have over 90-years of roofing experience within the Marin County area. They started business only 41 years after the Falkirk Mansion was built.

Expect to see scaffolding assembly around the building to begin near April 29th.

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