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Falkirk Bees Get a Garden of Their Own

Posted on October 4, 2019


The Falkirk Cultural Center (and its grounds) is one of my favorite places in San Rafael. But did you know bees also love it? Volunteers from the Marin Master Gardeners are busy making the grounds at the Falkirk Cultural Center a beautiful and educational attraction. One small change so far is the transition of the Herb Garden outside the Greenhouse door into a Bee Garden, with newly planted Salvias, Aster, and Echinacea now growing among the herbs.  There is even a little bee bath with a rock in it so bees can land and perch as they drink.  There are 15 or so new plants so stop by next time you’re there and check it out and watch them as they grow. Marin Master Gardeners are always looking for individuals who would like to help steward the gardens. If you’re interested, contact Ashley Howe at (415) 485-3328 for more information on volunteer opportunities and Marin Master Gardener education events at Falkirk.

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