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Extensive Police Annex repairs

Posted on July 24, 2020

In with the new out with the old. Many of the police facilities and equipment have been moving to the Public Safety Center. This means that as they are moving, repairs and cleaning are needed in the previously occupied spaces. For the last few weeks the Facilities Division have been making numerous repairs to the previously occupied office spaces in the Police Annex. Any damage to the building would be charged back by the landlord so we are making repairs as the department moves out. One of the many repairs that happened was the removal of the wall mounted safe. The safe was removed from the Police Annex and hole was repaired by using drywall and a simple coat of paint. Some of the other tasks included the removal of various materials, patching and painting of other holes throughout other areas around the building, and removal of locks and reinstallation of the building original hardware. These repairs are congruently taking place as the police staff depart to their new space in the Public Safety Center.

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